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Medicine Wise Week

Helen Butler - Friday, August 25, 2017


The seventh annual Be Medicinewise Week is 21 - 27 August 2017, promoting the safe and wise use of medicines by all Australians.


        If you’re NOT taking your medicines as directed then you may be misusing them.

        You might be:

  • Taking medicines at the wrong time, or the wrong dose.
  • Sharing your medicines with family or friends.
  • Taking multiple medicines which could lead to incorrect dosing or side effects.
  • Taking medicines with other substances like illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Misusing medicines can harm you or someone you care about. It can lead to health problems, addiction or dependency, poor judgement and accidents, as well as legal trouble.
  • Simple actions can prevent medicine misuse. Follow advice from your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and read the labels and packaging of your medicines carefully.



  • Alcohol interacts with over 150 medicines.
  • Codeine-related deaths are on the rise.
  • One in 10 Australians over 14 years old has misused prescription pain-relievers or opioid medicine
  • Sleeping pills are not useful long-term and can do more harm than good.

If you have questions about your medicines, speak to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Find out the 5 most important questions to ask your doctor and more about Be Medicinewise Week at:


    (click here)   Medicine Wise 

    Call our Medicines Line on 1300 MEDICINES (633 424).

    Download our free Medicinewise app.

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