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The Oncology Unit provides care for patients with all stages of cancer and related illnesses.  Patient's receive high quality care in a compassionate and comfortable setting



Kerang District Health Oncology Service is located within the Allied Health area of the hospital via the main entrance.


Kerang District Health
13 Burgoyne Street
Telephone: 5450 9275


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

6.45am to 3.00pm


Welcome to Kerang District Health Oncology Services.  Our staff of dedicated, caring professionals are committed to providing the best possible care to our consumers with all stages of cancer and related illnesses.  Our staff strive to provide the most up-to-date treatment and information for patients and their families. 

Appointment process

  • Referral from your GP/Surgeon to Bendigo Oncology Department 
  • Referrals and appointments are processed according to urgency and the next available appointment with the Oncologist
Urgent care:
If you have any concerns related to your treatment  please contact 5450 9200
If you require urgent care after hours call 000 or attend the Urgent Care Centre at Kerang District Health.
For unrelated oncology matters please attend your local doctor.

Patient details
For any change of address, phone numbers, private insurance cover, Health Care Card number, secondary contact (someone not living with you) etc please contact oncology staff as soon as possible during business hours. 

A current referral is essential for consultations.  If you are unsure when your current referral expires, please ask the receptionist.  GP referrals are valid for 12 months and your specialist referral is valid for only 3 months.  All consultations are bulk billed with Medicare. 

Please ensure the Oncologist provides blood test and imaging request forms (if required) during your consultation for your next appointment.  If service providers outside of Kerang District Health are utilised, please bring any imaging discs or reports  to your appointment with Bendigo Oncologist if provided. 

Scripts & Certificates
Please ask for work certificates and scripts during your consultation with the doctor or see your local doctor as 48 hours notice is required for scripts to be attended to. 

Inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy is given in our day stay facility.  Patients requiring overnight admission to hospital are transferred to the Acute Ward following treatment.  

On the day of treatment you can have your usual breakfast and medication unless advised by the Oncologist. 

Treatment may take anything from 30 minutes up to six hours.  Your treatment may be given through a needle inserted into your vein, or you may have had a PICC line or port inserted prior to treatment. 

The nurse will explain any possible side effects and how to manage them.  The Doctor will provide you with any prescriptions you may need for medication to reduce side effects from your treatment.  Please tell us about all tablets, including vitamins and natural therapies you may be taking.  

While you have having your treatment we can offer several ideas to help you relax.  A selection of music CDs and a range of DVDs are available for you to listen to or watch.  You are also welcome to bring along your own music, DVDs, book or anything of interest to you to help pass the time. 

Refreshments and lunch are provided.  You are welcome to bring your own food along with you. 
Friends and family are also welcome to come along to support you, although, check with the nurse first. 
A specially developed program of education and support is offered prior to chemotherapy for patients and their families.  

 After your treatment you will need someone to drive you home. 

Regional Clinics
Regional Oncology Clinics are held in Kerang on alternate Thursdays.

Gynaecological Oncology
A Gynaecological Oncology Clinic is held in the Oncology Unit monthly at Bendigo Health. 

Clinical Trials
You may be invited to participate in a clinical trial.  Clinical trials are designed to find safer and more effective treatments for cancer patients.  This research may test new drugs or new combinations of drugs.  There are many different types of clinical trials conducted in the Oncology Unit in Bendigo.  Please ask your doctor about clinical trials.

Family Cancer Clinic
This clinic provides a cancer risk assessment, genetic counselling and testing with medical advice and management.  Psychological support to individuals and their families who have concerns about their personal or family history of cancer is available.  The clinic is held in Bendigo monthly.  

The Peter MacCallum Bendigo Radiotherapy facility is located in Stewart Street, Bendigo Health.  For further information please contact them on 5454 9234.

A dietitian is available to provide information with the aim of gaining optimal nutrition to assist with improved quality of life and greater tolerance of treatments located at Northern District Community Health on 5451 0200.

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