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The second edition of the Charter of Health Care Rights was released on the 8th August 2019.

 Consumers should be supported to be active partners in the design, delivery and evaluation of health care.

 To do this consumers should be:

  •  Supported to understand and exercise their healthcare rights
  • Provided with evidence-based information about treatment options for their medical conditions
  • Encouraged to share decision making about their health care to the extent that they choose
  • Involved in making decisions about how health services are designed and operate, how care is delivered, and in measuring and evaluating care and services.

 Health care can be improved when consumers share – with their healthcare providers – what is important to them and any issues that may impact on their care and treatment plans.

Charter of Healthcare Rights Infographic

Charter of Healthcare Rights Poster

For more information on the Charter of Healthcare Rights click on the Safety and Quality website link

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Medicare Ineligible Patients  Click here for information regarding patients who are not elgible for Medicare and the associated costs for Kerang District Health patients.

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Care Opinion 

Kerang District Health has been successful in gaining a subscription to Care Opinion Australia supported by Safer care Victoria.         

Care Opinion enables our patients, residents, clients and their representatives to have a voice and be heard, when providing feedback about our service. 

 All stories are reviewed by Care Opinion, de- identified, uploaded and then responded to by our service. 

 Experiences can be shared online or by filling in a Care Opinion comment form and directly sending it to Care Opinion. 

 At the end of each month we are able to collate the stories we have received, share these with our staff, drive and share changes to improve our service.

 Brochures and cards are displayed throughout Kerang District Health; please share your story or experience to help us improve our service.

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