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things to see and do

Things to see and do

Ten Pin Bowling

Kerang Family Ten Pin Bowling & Leisure Lounge
13-15 Fitzroy St
Kerang Vic 3579
(03) 5452 2323

Sporting Facilities

Golf course
Koondrook Road

Tennis Courts
Available at Kerang Technical High School
Burgoyne Street
Free of charge (need own racket and balls)

Skate park
Located at Atkinson Park
Murray Valley Highway

Local Swimming Pool – November to April
Reedy Lake – Apex Park
Lake Charm
Lake Kangaroo

Levy Walk

Walking paths have been created around our levy banks. One shorter walk and a longer walk. Check maps for green highlighted area.

Historical Town walk – self guided tour.

Ibis Rookery

The Ibis Rookery at Middle Lake, six kilometres north of Kerang is a popular destination for nature lovers and bird watchers. The bird hide offers viewers the perfect place to watch Strawnecked and White Ibis and other spectacular birds such as Pelicans, Swans, Spoonbills, Egrets and Ducks. Two species of Ibis inhabit the rookery with numbers often exceeding 20,000. The White Ibis is identified by its almost entirely white body plumage. The Straw-necked Ibis has unique, yellow, straw-like feathers on its neck. The wings, back and collar are glossy, iridescent black while most of the underparts are white. In both species the head is featherless, with the skin black and a long, down-curved, black beak. The Royal Spoonbill with its black, spoon-shaped bill and black legs also nests in small numbers amongst the Ibis.

Observatory - Lake Boga

Bogartz Observatory situated in the township of Lake Boga.
Open to public – bookings available
Ph. (03) 5037 2428

Lake Charm/Lake Kangaroo/Lake Boga – Scenic Drives

Enjoy the drives around the lakes – BBQ available at certain locations.


15 minutes drive to Koondrook and Barham border towns.

Enjoy the Red gum sculpture walk. Starting at the parks in Barham a walking trail takes you along various art pieces of sculpted red gum.

Winery – Cellar Door Sales

Buller Winery
1374 Murray Valley Highway
(03) 5037 6305

Best’s Winery
St Andrews
Winery Road,
Lake Boga VIC 3584
(03) 5037 2154

State Forests and Wetlands

The Gannawarra Shire features many significant rivers, swamps and wetlands.

Gunbower Island is the largest, extending over 26,000 hectares with 19,500 hectares of forest and 1,200 hectares of marshes and waterways. Visitors can expect to see many of the 260 species of bird life and animals that inhabit these wetlands, which are flooded regularly by the mighty Murray river

The Kerang Wetlands stretch from Kerang in the south to Lake Boga in the northwest there stretches a system of lakes known as the Kerang Lakes or Wetlands. These Wetlands are home to thousands of colourful and graceful water birds. Sea eagles, herons, kites, spoonbills, coots and ibis abound throughout the wetlands area. Every spring thousands of ibis flock to breed in the Reedy Lake sanctuary. The Ibis Rookery or bird hide just north of Kerang off the Murray Valley Highway offers photographers the setting for spectacular shots of abundant bird life.

North of the Reedy Lakes system lies another large lake system with Lake Charm, Lake Boga and Kangaroo Lake to name a few. This extensive lake system offers a playground for every water sport imaginable.

Gunbower Island
Within the region are many state forests with river access providing the perfect campsite for a weekend or extended stay. Choose from Gunbower Island, Koondrook, Campbell’s Island, Leiwa and Werai State Forests. With good access during dry weather these areas also provide a great escape for a relaxing 4WD experience or cycle through the towering gums. If you are a day visitor in the region take the time to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the natural beauty of these majestic forest areas.


The Gannawarra Shire provides recreational anglers with a myriad of waterways for fishing. The Murray River is a popular choice and is accessible via Murrabit, Koondrook, Cohuna and Leitchville. Popular lakes include Lake Charm, Kangaroo Lake and Lake Meran. Just over the border into NSW and you can try your luck in the Wakool, Neimur or Edwards Rivers. Gannawarra is your freshwater fishing capital!

Murray Cod
Fishing for Murray Cod is not permitted during a closed season from September 1 to November 30. Best fishing is in snags, covered places with running water and not necessarily deep water. Ideal baits include worms, yabbies, bardi grubs and lures. A size limit of 50 cm applies as well as bag limits.

Golden Perch (Yellow Belly)
Best fishing is in deep back water holes, not fast running. Perch will bite on worms, shrimp, yabbies and lures. Size and bag limits apply.

Freshwater Crayfish (Murray Cray)
Best fishing from a boat in the months without an “R” in deep water about 8-10 metres deep. European Carp are a popular “cray” bait.

Trout Cod
Is totally protected in both NSW and Victoria.


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